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Change in classification for codeine-containing medicines

From 5 November 2020, all codeine-containing medicines will be prescription medicines, including the combination codeine products currently available over-the-counter.

This change has been made to enable people who need pain relief to get the best advice before making an informed choice regarding their pain medication.

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News and Events

Date Type Title
23/10/2020CommitteesComments on agenda for 65th Medicines Classificaton Committee meeting
23/10/2020Monitoring CommunicationConcern reported with the use of NovoRapid® Penfill® (insulin aspart; 3 mL cartridge) by type 1 diabetes patients
22/10/2020Media ReleaseCodeine-containing medicines to be reclassified
19/10/2020NoticesInfluenza Vaccine Composition - 2021
14/10/2020CommitteesAgenda for the 65th Medicines Classification Committee meeting Please note there have been some changes to the agenda relating to removing New Chemical Entities that were classified at the 64th meeting of the MCC and clarification of the agenda item Harmonisation of the NZ and Australian schedules for noting
29/09/2020Monitoring CommunicationM² Logo Possible risk of psoriasis exacerbation with bupropion
23/09/2020ConsultationOutcome of the consultation on the proposed warning statements for substances (eg, allergens) in medicines that may cause undesirable reactions
16/09/2020Alert CommunicationMedsafe is issuing a warning that Elevacity Elevate Smart Coffee (Version 3) should not be consumed - statement under section 98 of the Medicines Act 1981
15/09/2020Media ReleaseMedsafe takes action to prevent the supply of illegally marketed medicine linked to liver harm
11/09/2020CommitteesMedicines Classification Committee - Dates and Deadlines
11/09/2020Media ReleaseMedsafe has completed its review of Objections from the 64th Medicines Classification Committee to reclassify pholcodine
3/09/2020Alert CommunicationUpdate - Yes! Cassette Pregnancy Test Kit (also known as Smiths BioMed Rapid Pregnancy Test Kit) - Reports of false positives presenting as faint lines and inconclusive results
3/09/2020PublicationsPrescriber Update 41(3) - September 2020