Revised: 3 September 2021


Product/Application Search

Note: While the status of an application may show ‘Evaluation complete’, ‘Granted’ or ‘Information requested’, it may be 1-2 days before an applicant receives formal notification (and associated documentation) by email. Applicants should take this into account before contacting Medsafe to request the formal notification.

Search type:

Allows you to search for any product that has been given consent to market in New Zealand.

Coloured fields apply only to the Application search.
Allows you to search for new Medicine Applications and Changed Medicine Notifications submitted to Medsafe since 1st January 2006.
  For Ingredient, Trade name and Sponsor you only need to enter the first few letters of the name. Use % for a wild card.
(use format 31 Dec 1999)

Explanation of application status
Explanation of registration situation

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