Revised: 1 July 2014

Medical Devices

Accessing the WAND Database

Access to the WAND database is restricted to sponsors of medical devices. New sponsors need to apply for access to the WAND database to begin the notification process. There is no public access to the WAND database.

Access to the WAND database

The WAND database is a secure on-line database that can only be accessed via a 5-digit Sponsor ID and password. The database is managed by Medsafe and applications for access to the database must be made to Medsafe. Access is only available to New Zealand based entities (organisations or individuals) that import, manufacture or export medical devices. The only information in the database visible to any sponsor is the information it has entered about its products.

Applying for access to WAND

Organisations and individuals that need to apply for access to WAND should complete the application form below and return it to Medsafe for processing. Both Part 1 (Sponsor Details) and Part 2 (WAND Administrator Access) of the application form need to be completed. The completed form may be submitted to Medsafe by post, fax or email (details appear on the application form). Forms that are incomplete, incorrect, or illegible will be returned without access being granted.

Note - A sponsor must have a presence in New Zealand. Organisations without a physical presence in New Zealand cannot be sponsors.
Definition of a Sponsor

Correctly completed application forms will be processed within 10 working days of receipt by Medsafe.

Once an application has been accepted the sponsor will receive a Sponsor ID and password to access the WAND database.

Public access to WAND

There is no public access to the WAND database.

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