Revised: 26 July 2019


Medicines Classification Committee - Public Consultation on Agenda Items

The consultation period provides an opportunity for interested parties to comment on the proposed agenda items. Comments should be supplied to the Medicines Classification Committee (MCC) Secretary electronically at

A completed cover sheet must be included with the comments (Word 26 KB, 1 page).

Comments on agenda items are published on the Medsafe website under Agenda Items.

Commercially sensitive and personal information will be withheld from publication upon request.

Pharmaceutical companies and other interested bodies are expected to watch the Medsafe website to check whether any of their products are likely to be affected by a proposed change. Medsafe sends a weekly email with a list of changes to the Medsafe website. This can be subscribed to from the Medsafe website.

Approximately six weeks is available for the preparation of comments. Closing dates are provided on the Medsafe website in Dates and Deadlines.

During this period Medsafe may also seek independent advice from experts or specialist organisations.

Submissions, comments on agenda items and Medsafe reports are sent to MCC members three to four weeks before the date of a meeting. As MCC members need this time to prepare for meetings, late comments on agenda items may not be accepted.

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