Published: 2 September 2021


Quarterly summary of recent safety communications

Published: 2 September 2021
Prescriber Update 42(3): 40
September 2021

The table below is a summary of recent safety communications to health care professionals and consumers, published on the Medsafe website.

Date Communication Topic
Weekly COVID-19 Adverse events following immunisation with COVID-19 vaccines
12/08/2021 Monitoring Dihydrocodeine: review of risks and benefits
21/07/2021 Alert Myocarditis and pericarditis - rare adverse reactions to Comirnaty (Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine)
12/07/2021 Dear Healthcare Professional Letter Supply of Comirnaty COVID-19 Vaccine in New Zealand
9/06/2021 Monitoring Myocarditis – a potential adverse reaction to Comirnaty (Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine)
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