Revised: April 2004


Oral Contraceptives and Hormone Replacement Therapy

Listed below is material available electronically on oral contraceptives (OCs) and hormone replacement therapy (HRT). Most of this information has been issued by Medsafe or the Ministry of Health.

March/April 2004
The New Zealand Guidelines Group (NZGG) have recently updated their HRT guideline summary for prescribers.
A consumer leaflet on HRT has also been published by NZGG.  It can either be printed from this web link or free copies obtained from Wickliffe (phone 04 496 2277 - brochure order no. HP3817) or Family Planning Clinics.
November 2003
Prescriber Update article - HRT: New advice from the Medicines Adverse Reactions
Media release - Ministry of Health Strengthens Warnings Over Use of HRT
May 2003
Media release - Women's Health Initiative Memory Study
November 2002
Prescriber Update article - Hormone Replacement Therapy: Rapid Review
September 2002
Letter to Health Professionals about HRT
New Zealand Guidelines Group - Hormone Replacement Therapy Update - Key Messages
(This is a 325KB PDF file which requires Adobe Acrobat Reader to enable viewing - to download Adobe Acrobat Reader click here)
Media release - New Hormone Replacement Therapy guidelines supported
July 2002
Media release - Study highlights potential risk following prolonged use of oestrogen-only HRT
Media release - Hormone Replacement Therapy Risks Known, Acted On
Media release - Information for HRT prescribers
June 2002
Prescriber Update article - POPs: an option post-VTE
March 2002
Letter to Doctors/Midwives/Pharmacists about VTE with cyproterone-containing OCs
Prescriber Update article - Venous thromboembolism with Diane 35™ and Estelle 35™
Ministry of Health (Medsafe) advice on the use of combined oral contraceptives
Patient Info leaflet - oral contraceptives and blood clots - update - Please click here for a pdf version
Media release - New advice about oral contraceptives
November 2001
Media release - Ministry of Health consulted on Estelle-35 ED™ recall
October 2001
European Medicines Agency advice matches that given in New Zealand
June 2000
Letter to NZ doctors, midwives & pharmacists about third generation oral contraceptive pills
Ministry of Health (Medsafe) advice on the use of combined oral contraceptives
New Zealand Study of Deaths from Pulmonary Embolism in Women of Child-Bearing Age
Media release - New Zealand published study on oral contraceptives published
May 1999
Prescriber Update article - Update On Deaths With Third Generation Oral Contraceptives
Media release - Ministry reinforces advice on third generation contraceptives
March 1999
Prescriber Update article - Avoiding Pregnancy Risk When Changing Oral Contraceptives
Media release - Ministry of Health distributes third generation pill information package
Media release - Ministry advice on pill consistent, consensual and commonsense
Media release - Ministry of Health, Medical Association joint statement on oral contraceptives
Media release - Publicity to inform women about oral contraceptives
February 1999
Oral Contraceptives and Venous Thromboembolism
December 1998
Prescriber Update article - Deaths with Third Generation Oral Contraceptives
Media release - Ministry of Health renews oral contraceptive advice
August 1997
Prescriber Update article - The Safety of Combined Oral Contraceptives - Ischaemic & Haemorrhagic Stroke, Breast & Cervical Cancer
July 1996
Advice on the Use of Combined Oral Contraceptives
February 1996
Prescriber Update article - The Risk of Venous Thromboembolism with Third Generation Oral Contraceptives
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