Published: 3 December 2020


Quarterly summary of recent safety communications

Published: 3 December 2020
Prescriber Update 41(4): 74

December 2020

The table below is a summary of recent safety communications to health care professionals and consumers, published on the Medsafe website.

Date Communication Topic
6/11/2020 Alert Update to Original Communication - Important updates to clozapine data sheets and monitoring during covid-19 pandemic
5/11/2020 Notices Codeine-containing medicines have now been reclassified
3/11/2020 Notices Notice of Medsafe Office Closure Christmas/New Year 2020/2021
30/10/2020 Monitoring UPDATE: Concern reported with the use of NovoRapid® Penfill® (insulin aspart; 3 mL cartridge) by type 1 diabetes patients
23/10/2020 Monitoring Concern reported with the use of NovoRapid® Penfill® (insulin aspart; 3 mL cartridge) by type 1 diabetes patients
22/10/2020 Media release Codeine-containing medicines to be reclassified
19/10/2020 Notices Influenza Vaccine Composition - 2021
1/10/2020 Dear Healthcare Professional Letter Norimin 28 Day/Brevinor-1 28 Day - temporary disruption to product supply (PDF, 1 page, 58 KB)
29/09/2020 Monitoring Possible risk of psoriasis exacerbation with bupropion
23/09/2020 Consultation Outcome of the consultation on the proposed warning statements for substances (eg, allergens) in medicines that may cause undesirable reactions
16/09/2020 Alert Medsafe is issuing a warning that Elevacity Elevate Smart Coffee (Version 3) should not be consumed - statement under section 98 of the Medicines Act 1981
15/09/2020 Media release Medsafe takes action to prevent the supply of illegally marketed medicine linked to liver harm
4/09/2020 Dear Healthcare Professional Letter Setrona - Supply of Australian-labelled Setrona 50 mg and 100 mg tablets in New Zealand (PDF, 2 pages, 757 KB)
03/09/2020 Alert Update - Yes! Cassette Pregnancy Test Kit (also known as Smiths BioMed Rapid Pregnancy Test Kit) - Reports of false positives presenting as faint lines and inconclusive results
18/08/2020 Dear Healthcare Professional Letter Brevinor 28 Day (Australian stock) - Temporary alternative product supply to cover Norimin stock shortage (PDF, 1 page, 158 KB)
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