Revised: 30 May 2013

About Medsafe

Investigation and Enforcement Team

Medsafe’s Investigation and Enforcement Team (IET) was established in May 2007. Its role is to provide dedicated resource to conduct investigations under the Medicines Act 1981.

The primary areas that the IET investigate include: the import, export, manufacture, advertising, and supply of therapeutic products. A therapeutic product includes prescription medicines, over the counter medicines and medical devices.

If you have a query about importing therapeutic products into New Zealand, please go to MedClearance where you will find advice and contact details for specific enquiries.

If you have a complaint relating to the supply of a wrong or defective medicine, or a defective medical device, please click here.

To lodge a complaint relating to the import, export, manufacture, advertising or supply of therapeutic products, please contact the Investigation and Enforcement Team.

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