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Medsafe is the New Zealand Medicines and Medical Devices Safety Authority. We are responsible for the regulation of medicines and medical devices in New Zealand. We ensure that medicines and medical devices are acceptably safe.

News and Events

Date Type Title
19 July 2018 Dear Healthcare Professional Letter Dissolution profile of Dilantin® 30 mg and 100 mg capsules (New Formulation)
12 July 2018 Vacancies Team Leader, Medicines Assessment | Wellington
Assistant Advisor - Product Regulation, Medsafe | Wellington
3 July 2018 Dear Healthcare Professional Letter Provisional Consent of Neulactil periciazine 2.5mg and 10mg tablets (Hong Kong stock) to cover temporary stock shortage (PDF 78 KB, 2 pages)
1 July 2018 Medicines Schedule of Fees Payable under the Medicines Act 1981 - Effective from 1 JULY 2018
22 June 2018 Consultations Update to the Guideline on the Regulation of Therapeutic Products - Part 11: Clinical Trials
20 June 2018 Committees Agenda for the 174th Medicines Adverse Reactions Committee meeting - 3 July 2018
15 June 2018 Committees Medicines Classification Committee - Dates and Deadlines have been updated
15 June 2018 Committees Minutes of the 60th meeting of the Medicines Classification Committee - 26 April 2018
11 June 2018 Policy Statements What to do in the case of a potential out of stock
8 June 2018 Publications Prescriber Update June 2018 Vol. 39 No. 2
25 May 2018 Consultations Review of fees payable under the Medicines Regulations 1984 - Outcome of Consultation
9 May 2018 Monitoring Communication Life-threatening severe allergic reaction (anaphylaxis) to Calocurb dietary supplement
7 May 2018 Consultation Consultation on the revision of CMN Form B
30 April 2018 Monitoring Communication Beware turmeric/curcumin containing products can interact with warfarin
18 April 2018 Alert Communication Consumer Level Recall - Apo-Primidone 250mg tablets