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Revised: 31 December 2012

Access Keys

This website provides Access Keys to increase accessibility for visitors who have difficulties using a mouse or pointer tool.

By using the keyboard shortcuts below various pages on this site can be accessed without using a mouse, provided your browser is Internet Explorer 5 or above or Netscape 6 or above.

Windows: use Alt+[number] then press Enter to use with Microsoft's Internet Explorer 5 and later.
For Netscape 6 and later: use Alt+[number]. Where [number] is one selected from the list below.

Macintosh: same as above but use 'Ctrl' instead of 'Alt'.

For example to access the home page of this site in Internet Explorer 5 or later press the keys: Alt 1 then Enter.

0 = Access keys page
1 = Home
2 = Site map
4 = Medicine Data Sheets
5 = Consumer Medicine Information
6 = Prescriber Update Articles
7 = WAND
9 = Contacting us
[ = Beginning of main content
/ = New Zealand Government Online web portal