Published: September 2010

Rosiglitazone and cardiovascular risk - current advice

Prescriber Update 31(3): 25
September 2010

Following international scrutiny of the risk of cardiovascular events in patients treated with rosiglitazone, prescribers are advised to carefully follow the contraindications, warnings, precautions and monitoring requirements for this medicine.1-3

Prescribers are reminded that rosiglitazone is not recommended for:

Patients who are treated with rosiglitazone need to be monitored for signs and symptoms of adverse reactions relating to fluid retention, including weight gain and heart failure. Rosiglitazone should be discontinued if any deterioration in cardiac status occurs.

Medsafe and the Medicines Adverse Reactions Committee continue to monitor the safety of rosiglitazone. Further information one the use of rosiglitazone is available at:

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