Published: March 2012

MARC's Remarks: December 2011 Meeting

Prescriber Update 33(1): 10
March 2012

The Medicines Adverse Reactions Committee (MARC) met on 8 December 2011 and made the following recommendations.

The MARC was provided with an update on the safety profile of dabigatran (Praxada). The Committee was advised that, compared with the first few weeks of funding, only two reports of medication error were received by the Centre of Adverse Reaction Monitoring (CARM) in October. The MARC were satisfied that the number of medication errors associated with dabigatran treatment is decreasing and agreed that the balance of benefits and risks remains positive at present.

The MARC reviewed the benefits and risks of Nicobrevin following its withdrawal from the United Kingdom. Refer to the article in this edition of the Prescriber Update1.

The MARC was provided with a comparison of usage data and spontaneous reports involving tramadol before and one year following funding of Arrow-Tramadol 50 mg capsules by PHARMAC. The Committee acknowledged that the adverse event reports received since tramadol was funded have been similar in nature and proportion to those received prior to funding.

Further information relating to these matters is available from the MARC meeting minutes published on the Medsafe website:

  1. Medsafe. 2012. Nicobrevin – benefit risk review. Prescriber Update, 33(1): 2-3