Published: June 2012

MARC's Remarks: March 2012 Meeting

Prescriber Update 33(2): 18
June 2012

The latest meeting of the Medicines Adverse Reactions Committee (MARC) took place on 8 March 2012.

The MARC reviewed the safety of funded anti-epileptic medicines when used during pregnancy. The safety of valproate and topiramate in pregnancy has been reviewed previously and was therefore not included in this review. The MARC agreed that updates to the data sheets of some anti-epileptic medicines were appropriate. Overall the MARC concluded that the expected benefits of anti-epileptic treatment in pregnancy continue to outweigh any risks for the mother and child.

The MARC reviewed the risk of reversible cerebral vasoconstriction syndrome (RCVS) associated with use of serotonergic agents. The MARC considered that raising awareness of RCVS would aid in determining if there is an association with serotonergic agents. An article describing RCVS has been included in this edition of Prescriber Update1. The MARC recommended that this issue be added to the M² logo scheme.

The clinical significance of the pharmacokinetic interaction between ciclosporin and statins was reviewed by the MARC. The MARC agreed that there is currently insufficient data to determine the relative risk of an interaction between ciclosporin and each individual statin. The MARC deemed that patients should be prescribed the lowest possible dose and monitored closely for effectiveness. Further information can be found in this edition of Prescriber Update2.

Further information relating to these matters is available from the MARC meeting minutes

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