Published: 6 June 2014

MARC's Remarks: March 2014 Meeting

Prescriber Update 35(2)
6 June 2014

The Medicines Adverse Reactions Committee (MARC) met on 13 March 2014 to review a number of medicine related safety issues.

The MARC discussed the need for additional safety monitoring for rotavirus vaccine (RotaTeq) once it is included on the National Immunisation Schedule in 1 July 2014. The MARC considered Medsafe's proposed monitoring actions, which include periodic CARM reports and routine assessment of PSURs, to be appropriate. This vaccine has been used widely and successfully for several years in other countries.

The MARC reviewed information on a possible interaction between varenicline and alcohol that had been placed on the M² logo scheme. The MARC noted that data available on this potential interaction are limited both in quality and quantity. However, the MARC recommended that information on this potential interaction should be strengthened in the Champix data sheet.

Further information on these issues can be found on the Medsafe website (