Published: 12 December 2013

Prescriber Update Quiz 2013

Prescriber Update 34(4): 50-51
December 2013


Have you read your copy of Prescriber Update in 2013?
Have you kept up to date with emerging safety signals?

Test your knowledge with the end of year Prescriber Update quiz.

Answers to the quiz are available at:

  1.  Fill in the spaces for the potential safety issues that are currently on Medsafe's M² Logo scheme?
    1. Varenicline and interaction with …………
    2. …………… and adverse effects on the eye
    3. Statins and ………..  …………  ………….. without rhabdomyolysis
  2. Which statement is correct?
    1. Sedating antihistamines are contraindicated for use in children less than six years of age for all indications.
    2. Sedating antihistamines are contraindicated for use in children less than two years of age for all indications.
    3. Sedating antihistamines are effective for use in treating symptoms of the common cold in children.
    4. Sedating antihistamines do not cause paradoxical stimulation.
  3. Pradaxa (dabigatran) is now contraindicated under which of the following conditions?
    1. Prosthetic heart valve replacement
    2. Atrial fibrillation
    3. Symptomatic heart failure
    4. Prevention of venous thromboembolic events
  4. Which of these medicines may require a dose reduction when a patients stops smoking
    1. Clozapine
    2. Olanzapine
    3. Theophylline
    4. Warfarin
    5. All of these above
  5. Which statement regarding methotrexate and proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) is false?
    1. PPI use increases the risk of methotrexate-related side effects
    2. Some PPIs are available over-the-counter
    3. The interaction risk is greatest with the use of high-dose methotrexate
    4. Methotrexate use increases the risk of PPI-related side effects
  6. Atypical femoral fractures are associated with the use of ………?
    1. Etidronate, strontium, alendronate, zolendronate
    2. Alendronate, zolendronate, pamidronate, denosumab
    3. Denosumab, teriparatide, conjugated oestrogen, alendronate
    4. Zolendronate, pamidronate, raloxifene, quinapril
  7. True or false: All patients should be screened for hepatitis B virus before starting treatment with rituximab?
  8. Miconazole (oral gel) inhibits the metabolism of warfarin by inhibiting:
    1. PGP
    2. CYP2C9
    3. CYP3A4
    4. Glucuronidation
  9. What adverse effect is caused by the 'triple whammy' of an ACE inhibitor/ARB, diuretic and an NSAID?
  10. Which healthcare professionals reported the most adverse reactions in 2012?
    1. General Practitioners
    2. Hospital Doctors
    3. Nurses
    4. Pharmacists