Information for Consumers

Revised: 26 October 2018

Information that everyone should know about medicines and medical devices including updates on staying safe and healthy.

Things you should know

Date Type Title
26 October 2018 Monitoring Communication M² Logo Possible risk of lichen planus or lichenoid drug eruption with zoster (shingles) vaccine or influenza vaccine
8 October 2018 Compliance Sale of medicines and medical devices via social media
8 October 2018 Compliance Importing Medicines
Importing Medicines - Frequently Asked Questions
8 October 2018 Devices Surgical Mesh Implants - Implementation of Government Response to Report of the Health Committee on Petition 2011/102
25 September 2018 Device Surgical Mesh Implants - Overseas Actions and Reviews
25 September 2018 Device Surgical Mesh Implants - Actions taken by Medsafe (2009 added)
5 September 2018 Device The USFDA Warns Against Use of Energy-Based Devices to Perform Vaginal 'Rejuvenation' or Vaginal Cosmetic Procedures: FDA Safety Communication
14 August 2018 Monitoring Communication M² Logo Isotretinoin and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)
13 August 2018 Alert Communication Codeine – new restrictions on use in children and young adults
7 August 2018 Surgical Mesh Adverse Event Reports relating to Surgical Mesh Implants dated August 2018 (PDF 16 pages, 294KB)
7 August 2018 Surgical Mesh All the surgical mesh information has been moved to a new surgical mesh area with a new Landing Page
6 August 2018 Alert Communication Dolutegravir and the possible risk of neural tube defects when taken early in pregnancy
27 July 2018 Medicine Consumer Level Recall - Melatonin 3mg tablets
25 July 2018 Consumer Information Leaflets Taking metformin for gestational diabetes (Te Reo version) (PDF 236 KB, 2 pages)
Taking metformin for gestational diabetes (Samoan version) (PDF 243 KB, 2 pages)
9 May 2018 Monitoring Communication Life-threatening severe allergic reaction (anaphylaxis) to Calocurb dietary supplement
30 April 2018 Monitoring Communication Beware turmeric/curcumin containing products can interact with warfarin
18 April 2018 Alert Communication Consumer Level Recall - Apo-Primidone 250mg tablets
15 February 2018 Alert Communication Arthrem – potential risk of harm to the liver – statement under section 98 of the Medicines Act 1981
31 January 2018 Monitoring Communication M² logo Dabigatran and gout or gout-like symptoms
13 December 2017 Safety Information Surgical Mesh Implants - Update

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