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Revised: 20 November 2014

Data Sheets

Data sheets contain detailed prescribing information on a specific medicine. Pharmaceutical companies are required to prepare data sheets for all prescription medicines and restricted (pharmacist only) medicines in accordance with the Legislation and Guidelines. 

Medsafe approves each data sheet on the basis of the company declaring that the data sheet conforms with the specified requirements and accurately reflects the product approved for distribution in New Zealand.  Data sheets are updated as required to include newly approved dose forms, strengths or indications, or to update warnings, adverse effects, contra-indications etc. as new safety information becomes available.

Data sheets electronically submitted to Medsafe are available on this website. For copies of data sheets not currently on this site, contact the pharmaceutical company directly. Any queries relating to information contained in a data sheet should be directed to the pharmaceutical company named as the sponsor in the data sheet.

Search by ingredient, trade name or company

  1. To find a data sheet: enter the active ingredient (generic name) or medicine's trade (brand) name or company (sponsor) name in the "Search for" field.
    You do not need to enter the whole name if you are unsure of the correct spelling.
  2. Select the type of search in the "In" field, then click on "Search".

This will search for anything starting with the letters entered above. To find the letters in any part of the field enter "%" as the first character.


Alphabetical listing of data sheets

Data sheets are published on the Medsafe website in Portable Document Format (PDF).  To read a PDF you need Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer. 

Download the latest free version of Adobe Acrobat Reader from the Adobe website.

Further information on New Zealand Legislation: Medicines Regulations 1984 

Further information on Medsafe Guidelines: Part 10: Requirements for information for prescribers and consumers of the regulatory guidelines (PDF 225 KB, 16 pages).

Commercial Use (ie, the on-selling) of the data sheets available on the Medsafe website requires permission to be sought and obtained from the sponsors (pharmaceutical companies) of the medicines concerned.

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